KISS Interviewer told to take off Iron Maiden t-shirt

How important is a t-shirt? According to Paul Stanley of KISS, wearing any other shirt when interviewing the band is just downright disrespectful.


The 2012 interview video shows Paul Stanley ribbing a European interviewer named Gustavo about his decision to wear an Iron Maiden t-shirt to the KISS interview.


“I have a question to ask. KISS is K-I-S-S. This does not spell KISS, Gustavo,” says Stanley.


Gene Simmons adds, “I don’t want him wearing an Iron Maiden shirt.” 

KISS drummer Eric Singer makes the analogy, “if you went to a Raiders game, you wouldn’t wear the other team’s jersey.”

The journalist is very conciliatory and appeases the group by taking off his Iron Maiden shirt and turning it inside out.

And that’s how you get a free KISS t-shirt from Paul Stanley.

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