You probably didn’t know that Scrappy Apparel Company partners with companies and brands around the world bringing their designs to life using the fabrics we have sourced and developed.

Known as Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing, brands just like yours are able to submit their designs and work with a Scrappy Sales Agent throughout the entire process.

We utilizes the highest quality Peruvian Fabrics which you can screen print all over any garment we offer, not just the t-shirt.

Our Apparel Sewing Contractors Have Swag

Scrappy’s network of apparel sewing contractors have quite the track record, even if we do say so ourselves. We’ve created for some big names and plenty of global brands, bringing their ideas to life (no matter how out-there and challenging).

We source fabrics from far flung places. We’ve even developed materials according to what the latest project calls for. For most cut and sew projects we use luxury-level Peruvian Fabrics, which can flex and fit to all over screen printing on any product, not just tees.

Cut And Sew Apparel Manufacturing That Cut The Mustard

We’ll let you in on a secret. We weren’t always the large-scale, can-handle-any-job apparel sewing contractors you see before you today.

When we first set out, we were just two college kids who invested in a t-shirt press. Ten years on, and we now head up one of the most well-respected online custom apparel businesses in the U.S.A.

We work hard and hustle every day (your cut and sew apparel project couldn’t be in better hands). Go ahead, ask around, you won’t find another company with a better rep for sewing up the apparel industry.

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The Cost Of Cut And Sew Apparel?

Time to get to the matter of money. Each and every project we take on differs in cost, but perhaps no more so than for cut and sew apparel. So we’ll be brief – we need a brief. Submit your project, and we’ll provide a price.

Before you do, we want to make it clear-cut that sewing for the apparel industry involves higher minimums and longer turnaround times (we’re nothing if not honest apparel sewing contractors). But you should also know that cut and sew products are whipped up from scratch (and the end result is more than worth the wait. Pinky promise.)

Precise Cut And Sew Apparel Manufacturing

Need apparel sewing contractors who can handle custom measurements? We’re ready. Don’t have custom measurements for your cut and sew apparel? No problem, we have tons of patterns that’ll fit your brand like a glove.

Sewing for the apparel industry

You’re all set and ready to take a big step forward for your brand. Your next move is an important one. For solid quality apparel, shiny five-star customer service and a competitive price point, you know where we are when you need us.

Cut And Sew Apparel Manufacturing Using Our Box-Fresh Fabrics

Ready for your dead-set price for your cut and sew apparel? Our quotes are provided fast and free from obligation (we’re apparel sewing contractors who’ve grown mostly through word-of-mouth, we have no need to aggressively push for a project.)

Sewing For The Apparel Industry/Weavers Of Dreams

Cut and Sew Apparel manufacturing is an art. Remember that. Our dream-makers are standing by. Ready?

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