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“Today, it is not about selling one hat,” says Grant Kevins, CEO of Scrappy Apparel Company. Kevins was a well-respected soccer coach and club director before focusing exclusively on custom apparel. The philosophy of the sport still translates into custom design. “Make the first touch count,” says Kevins.Continue Reading
What sets one screen printer apart from the rest? According to Expertise, an online hub with a mission to connect the best-in-class across Chicago businesses, as a screen printer, Scrappy Apparel Company is better than 97 percent of their competition.Continue Reading
When Paul Schwartz of the New York Post cited a t-shirt as proof of the"Giants pushing down Super Bowl talk: McAdoo’s T-shirts prove it," there was little doubt of the influence t-shirts have in today's world.Continue Reading
clown face Goddell
Sure, Goodell did come down on the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for cheating, as some claim deflating the balls to below regulation size to make them easier to catch would indicate, but even with Brady's suspension, they pulled it out and won their fifth Superbowl. Continue Reading
No doubt, removing the t-shirt would have sent out a message of weakness. The rebels are said to be connected to U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, but he openly denies it. Gulen, however, has allegedly encouraged supporters to wear similar clothing throughout the trial.Continue Reading