Create your own Private Label Clothing

You created the design, found the perfect shirt to serve as its canvas and even believe you created a new PMS color in the process. However, that is not enough.  If you truly want to be your own brand you must replace the manufacturer label with your own.  At one time, clothing with private label stature was reserved for the elite designers.  Today it is one of the most important aspects of your custom clothing line regardless of your stature.

Decoration and Private Labeling For Your Clothing Line

Scrappy Apparel can help you create a clothing line with private labeling for just a few extra dollars per shirt. For those clients that want to continue to market themselves long after the shirt has been sold, this option is invaluable. In addition to creating a stronger connection with your clients, it enables you to charge a few extra dollars because users are paying for more than a design on a stock t shirt.

Take Ownership Of Your Brand

Private Label Clothing Brands Hire Us To Do it All.

Why would you spend time and money shipping your shirts from one print shop to the next when you can get all your decoration and labeling done with Scrappy! Minimize the risk and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with us to realize the full benefit of this service.

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Use Private Labeling To Connect with your Audience

Apparel Brands are not the only companies to use private labeling. Many associations and organizations insert their own message on the label. Special messages can be added instead of a logo. Non-Profits can insert their mission statement, corporations can add their tag lines, and festivals can create a memorable tag marking the event.

Heck, If you are simply looking to outfit your entire family on your next get-together put “Smith’s 10th Annual Barbecue” inside the shirt. Have fun with your custom apparel and audience interaction for less than $2.00 per shirt.

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Have your own labels or hang tags you want added to your apparel? Send them to us and we will add them to your products so everything comes to you retail ready to go.

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