Simulated Process Screen Printing Is Best For Printing These Designs

Let’s face it, t-shirts are the number one choice of clothing for people who like to make a statement. Today, more and more people are even starting their own clothing lines, using graphic art they design themselves that might require a more dimensional screen printing process, especially when printing on a dark color t-shirt is desired.

At Scrappy Apparel, we offer a variety of screen printing options depending on our client’s needs. Simulated process printing is a great way to print on dark colored t-shirts, especially for detailed, multi-colored artwork. The detailed process uses a series of layers that build upon one another. If you are looking to sell your shirts in a retail space, this might be the option for you.

Simulated Process Printing On Your Favorite T-Shirt

At Scrappy Apparel, there is no such thing as “just a t-shirt.” Every single custom apparel design provides some purpose from marketing products or services, building brands or making a statement. That kind of impact can sometimes require an upgrade in the printing process. Simulated process printing is an innovative technique that we recommend for our clients who want to create a graphically, powerful t-shirt on a dark-colored background.

In order to do this, the artist separates his or her design into a series of different image files that create a series of separate screens that print one right after the other. The colors then build on one another until the color matches the original file.

An example for the use of this technique might be t-shirts created for a playoff tournament. T-shirts often use active images that depict both teams in play. The colors of both teams are part of the design, but it might also include a background of a football field. Next, the customer might insist that the art be printed on a dark orange background.

Unlike a 4-color process using four opaque colors, simulated process printing uses halftones that are printed in layers, often starting with an underbase. High mesh counts on the screen help to create a detailed, dimensional design that incorporates a wide range of color hues.

Lastly, the layered simulated screen printing process can provide a more three dimensional, active-looking design.

As screen printing technology expands into innovative processes, we will always ensure that our customers have powerful options to create lasting impressions over time and through the wash for increased wears and walking bill boards for your brand.

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