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What is Sublimation T SHIRTS Printing?

 The Mystical Principles of Sublimation T Shirt Printing

The process of sublimation for printing shirts was just another process for transferring your designs onto t-shirts, think again. The ancient mystics referred to sublimation as a process of transforming the mind, soul and body. In the true sense, sublimation shirt printing transforms the shirt from a blank canvas to something that has influential properties. Unlike other techniques, shirt sublimation printing uses inks that when heated to a high temperature, it changes to a gas, literally changing a shirt. Although alchemists were not in the business of t-shirt sublimation printing, many served kings andqueens with promises of healing the sick and extending the lives of their customers, some claimed that through sublimation they could make a person immortal. Sublimation printing for t-shirts won’t make you immortal when you wear it, but the process of sublimation printing on shirts is becoming somewhat “immortal” in our print processing service. The sublimation on t-shirts process is one of our most popular because it ensures that your design won’t peel or chip; you can wash it and put it in the dryer without any reservations.

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Why choose Scrappy Apparel for sublimation printing on t-shirts?

WE utilize vertical factories in China that are established and qualified to provide lower minimums, on a variety of fabrics, at better price points than what are foudn within the United States. We use upgraded dyes at a standard price. Sublimation printing for a t-shirt design offers extraordinary results and truly transforms your design into a Scrappy Apparel work of t-shirt art that will represent your brand in the best possible light. We value all of our printing processes and techniques, but sublimation printing on shirts offers exceptional results. If you are interested in influencing your marketplace and upgrading your brand or increasing the volume of your message, t-shirt printing via sublimation offers transformational results. At Scrappy Apparel, we consider ourselves that alchemist of the custom shirt.  

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Sublimation Printers for t shirts Are Different

It is easy to find a t shirt sublimation printer, but tough to find a sublimation shirt printer that does what you want, now that is hard. We are all different. Sometimes a sublimation t shirt printer will have minimums as low as one piece. Others may require a larger minimum. In our case we are a sublimation printer for t shirts that deals in cut and sew sublimation. We offer lower minimums and work with established and tested facilities overseas to bring what we believe is a superior process.

Why we are a Cut and Sew Dye Sublimation Printer for T shirts

Dye sublimation t shirt printing as a cut and sew process means that we cut and sublimate the textile with your design before we stitch your shirt together.  We do this to avoid inconsistencies that occur with a dye sublimation t shirt printer that presses the design onto a pre constructed shirt. Even though we are mainly a cut and sew dye sublimation shirt printer our process allows us to keep up with fashion trends and the demand for different types of sublimated garments like hoodies, long sleeves, jerseys, shirts,, and zip ups.

Pick From 5 of Our All Over Dye Sublimation Fabrics

All over sublimation t shirt printing is generally done on 100% polyester garments.  However, Scrappy’s sublimation all over t shirt printing can be done on a number of fabric blends.  With five different selections you can tailor your all over t shirt sublimation printing fabric to fit the audience and price point you are going for so you can get more customers and make more money doing something you love.

This unique blend of polyester and cotton is used to achieve the effect of a traditional lightweight t-shirt. Color vibrancy is excellent on this fabric.

These blends of polyester and cotton are great for brands in the fashion industry that want to introduce sublimation tee shirt printing to bring higher price point items to their line. Colors tend to be less vibrant which makes it a different kind of beautiful.

100% polyester material. These fabrics are perfect for the hardcore athlete or soccer mom. Maximum color vibrancy.

Eco Friendly Lycra Spandex. Offer your customers protection from the sun and a chance to do something good for the planet. Maximum color vibrancy.

Heavyweight fleece material used on hoodies, zip ups, and crewneck sweatshirts.

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Looking for Sublimation Printing on Cotton t Shirts?

Not recommended! You want to go with our cut and sew apparel program or work with our Fashion Blend Fabric.