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People may not always listen to what is said, but they do tend to read a t-shirt. At least they read Iron Chef’s Bobby Flay’s t-shirt when he ripped open his apron during the last episode of the season this summer to reveal a message that is still confusing many fans. According to Vanity Fair, the t-shirt read, “THIS IS MY LAST IRON CHEF BATTLE EVER.” Iron Chef Showdown is filmed live so the t-shirt may be part of the show after all when it air on November 8th.

Flay claims it was just a joke, but admits it may have been a bad decision. “When producers told Flay that they wouldn’t be able to cut around his visual stunt, the chef reportedly told them “that’s the point,” says the Vanity Fair article.

Apparently point taken. The question now is whether the t-shirt was telling the truth or making a joke. Does your marketing mix garner this kind of attention? Ask us about ways we can improve your reach via apparel marketing. Check out our Resources page to get started.




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