No unemployment for worker who refused to wear company t-shirt

This week, in a Pennsylvania court, a t-shirt was on trial.

Aleh Kiaturka, a former maintenance worker filed an unemployment claim against his former company claiming that he was fired for refusing to wear a company t-shirt. The case ended up in Pennsylvania state court where a Commonwealth Court panel ruled in favor of his former employer, Deaktor Development. The case hinged on whether Kiaturka was fired or quit.

According to Pennlive,”The firm’s vice president testified that she thought Kiaturka was joking at first when he told her he wouldn’t put on the shirt. She said she told him the shirts would help clients recognize Deaktor workers. The VP said Kiaturka responded by handing over his keys, telling her he was quitting if he had to wear the shirt and then walked out, Leavitt noted. The company president said he called Kiaturka and urged him not to resign, but Kiaturka refused that plea.” The panel believed the employers, concluding that Kiaturka quit, “…and he didn’t have a good reason for doing so.”

That’s the influence of the T-SHIRT.




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