Can a Lebron James’ t-shirt save Ohio State from Michigan?

lebronTwo weeks ahead of the Big Ten rivalry game against Ohio State and Michigan, Nike released an official Lebron James t-shirt with number 23 on the front and back, an O on the front above number 23 and James across the back.

Nike even acknowledged Ohio State fans’ ritual of not using the letter M prior to the Michigan game by adding a red X on the M in James.

Does that work?

What about Urban Meyer? The M in Meyer seems to have served Ohio State well. Under Meyer, they are undefeated against Michigan.

Is M the only letter that participates in college football battles? We know G has no power – see Gators, even with McElwain or Muschamp. Miami with two M’s beat Notre Dame with just one.

Georgia’s head coach, Kirby Smart lost to Auburn’s Gus Malzahn last week, taking away their hopes of a perfect season, and Georgia’s quarterback is Jake Fromm! Auburn’s quarterback is Sean White.

So what letter wins the most games? Definitely not N – Tennessee.

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Scrappy Honey Badger Full Color2
Not so fast Scrappy. The top 4 teams in the country (according to the AP Poll) have M’s. Six of the top 10 have M’s but 8 of the top 10 have A’s and Alabama has three! Michigan and Ohio State are tied with one A each, but Scrappy’s not sure crossing out the M in red paint is going to satisfy the letter gods who clearly decide each weeks winners and losers. It might just be Michigan’s good luck charm.

ap poll

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