This shirt will give you way more confidence.

World-renown psychologist, Karen Pine with the University of Hertfordshire is the author of Mind What You Wear. In her research, she found that what one wears can change a person’s life.

According to Professor Pine, “Every day we pull something from the wardrobe, or try on something in a store, that has life-changing potential.” Some clothing can make an immediate impact on a person’s confidence. Apparently we all have certain pieces of clothing that give us more confidence in various activities in life, “The suit that subliminally convinces an interviewer we’re perfect for the job; The red dress that stirs something in a future lover that leads them to ask for a date; Even the swimsuit that can strip us of our intellectual powers,” says Pine. “Yes, when Barbara Fredrickson gave a maths test to groups of women and men who wore either a swimsuit or a sweater, she showed that wearing a swimsuit diminished a woman’s maths performance.”


Pine cites a study done at Northwestern University that revealed wearing a white coat can improve a person’s mental capability. She says it has more to do with association than the color, “By associating the white coat with a doctor their brain was primed to take on different mental capacities…”

Pine has discovered her own super secret tip for feeling more confident, “We have been putting students in Superman t-shirts! We’ve found it makes them see themselves as more likable and superior to other students, and even to believe they are physically stronger.”

Featured Photo credit: JEJU, SOUTH KOREA – NOV 29, 2015 : Photo of 3D Wall Painting of Superman, from a famous scene where Clark Kent is transforming into Superman by wearing on top of his shirt and reveal his Superman suit. source: enchanted_fairy /

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