High school basketball player cashes in on his name before he’s ineligible

williamsonWhat’s the rule for cashing in on personalized premium items before an athlete goes to college and becomes ineligible? Apparently, there is no rule. Andrew Slater with 247sports.com posted a tweet from the Big Beach Classic that he “claims” is Zion Williamson, the number 2 player on the website’s composite and arguably the top college basketball recruit in the country.

Sure, the player depicted on the shirt is African-American. So is Williamson. The player is wearing a red uniform. Williamson’s team, the Spartanburg Day School Griffins, wear red. And then there’s that number 12, Williamson’s number. But does that player really look like Williamson when he’s making his characteristic dunk?

M-a-y-b-e. Yes.

Williamson hasn’t committed yet, thus the NCAA has no association with him. But they ziwill. He’s got a very small window, that he is clearly executing on. Could this endeavor make him the first high school phenom to successfully build a personal brand before he actually becomes a personal brand? Yes! His athleticism is unquestioned, but his head appears to match. Posted as his Twitter bio: “Nothing is given, everything is earned.”

According to Slater’s Twitter account, “A massive crowd showed up for Zion,” who is still out with a foot injury, but took time to sign autographs.

That is why this extraordinary young, Zion Williamson, is our Scrappy pick of the month of January. Now go to his Twitter (ZionW32) account and follow him.

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