What could be bigger than Robert Redford?

Robert Redford via Wiki Commons
I’ll bet The Sink restaurant is pretty happy they made those custom t-shirts. Who could have imagined they would be more newsworthy than Robert Redford’s official opening of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival?

We could have predicted it. We know that custom t-shirts have been used by revolutionaries, band members, corporations. everyone that wants exposure for their brand or their cause. The recall rate for brands on custom t-shirts can be as high as 90 percent. And why not, when the customer is wearing it!

According to the Denver Post: “Redford attended the University of Colorado in the mid-1950s and worked at The Sink while a college student.”

The photo caption noted the “long-sleeve T-shirt with a logo for The Sink, a long-time Boulder restaurant.”


According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s Global Advertising Impressions’ Study:

“Consider that the cost of producing a 30-second radio or television commercial is often out of reach for all but the biggest advertisers. Many would have their entire advertising budget eaten up before they even aired the commercial more than a few times. This isn’t true with advertising specialties. Companies from the smallest local businesses to the largest Fortune 100 companies have access to the best that the advertising specialty business has to offer. The cost per impression of an ad specialty is better than that of TV, magazines and newspapers.”  


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