This shipping company’s shirt is the most talked about at fashion week

Consider this: You work for a boutique shipping company that serves the fashion industry. During New York Fashion Week, the CEO approves a half million dollar budget for print, social, digital and exclusive sponsorships. You expect ROI to be significant, because your brand is dominating the event.

Then this happens:



In 2015, DHL scored a big win when Vetements fashion house debuted their own line of DHL t-shirts on the Paris catwalk. The hefty price tag of over $300 didn’t seem to matter to the fashion elite. It sold out within a month. The publicity alone from the Paris show provided the company with millions of dollars in earned media.

Not to be outdone, Worldnet Shipping attempted to establish their own line of branded clothing. The company’s blue hooded sweatshirts have become one of the biggest stories this year at New York Fashion Week, the “brainchild of Worldnet’s branding manager, Gary Craughwell.”

“Our branding manager has a history in the fashion industry, and he wanted to have a new approach to the uniform,” says Noella Wynter, a content creator at Worldnet. “We’d come up with these new fun pieces. Our clients actually love them and they’d request the shirts, and then it morphed into different fashion tees.” So far, Worldnet has received requests from Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Dover Street Market, and more brands. The catch? The hoodies aren’t actually for sale. They were a part of an online campaign and could only be requested on the Worldnet site. Right now, they are out of stock; here’s hoping these insider staples make a commercial comeback.”

And as if the blue hoodies weren’t enough, Worldnet Shipping just did this to their t-shirts:

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