Life Goals and T-Shirts

The KWCH headline reads: “Man’s dream comes true meeting President George W. Bush…” Which would be a reasonable dream perhaps for someone, but this particular man’s dream was bigger.
The full headline states:

Man’s dream comes true meeting President George W. Bush in ‘Dubya’ shirt, sign


It’s not clear from the article where the meeting between former President George W. Bush and Jimmy von Thron took place, other than it was on a basketball court.  The “dubya” jumbo print tank t-shirt was bought online. 

Life Goals don’t just happen, even if you are wearing a shirt with your idol’s face on it. Thron knew he needed to send a message in the form of a sign. According to KWCH, he wasn’t leaving anything to chance or poor eyesight. “I made sure that the sharpie was thick enough that he could see from across the court.” 

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