Facebook apology inspires hundreds of t-shirt sales

Moms typically focus on the big picture, especially during morning routines when the simple act of getting the kids to school on time feels like running a marathon blindfolded. So If her children show up dressed and ready for school, that’s enough.

Earlier this week, a Texas mom posted an apology on her Facebook page after her son wore a t-shirt to school that was included in a pile of hand-me-downs dropped off by a friend. At first glance, it was a promotion for McDonald’s. It wasn’t until she picked him up from school that she looked more closely at the image and noticed it wasn’t the famous Golden Arches.

It seems that no one at Travis Elementary School noticed either, but the mom felt an apology was in order. Her post and Snapchat video of her son went viral.

“Once again, my sincere apologies to the teachers and staff at Travis Elementary. I promise from now on to monitor what my kids are wearing! I had no idea Anthony wore this to school! Just to clarify, I would never let my kid wear something like this. A friend had given me some hand-me-down clothes for Anthony. I haven’t had the chance to completely go through them. I will tonight though!”

In the first 24 hours, the post received more than 90,000 likes and 100,000 shares. Since then, t-shirt entrepreneurs have capitalized on the publicity. Can you see a possible trend for your business?