Gone, but not forgotten: Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s MOM t-shirt saving lives

Happy Mother’s Day Moms! Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott lost his mother to colon cancer in November 2013. Since that time, he has been committed to honoring her memory through programs that educate others on the disease.

Prescott just released a series of multi-colored M.O.M. t-shirts to commemmorate Mother’s Day. The acronym – Mind Over Matter – is part of his MindOverMatter campaign. All proceeds will be donated to the Faith Fight Finish Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer organization.

In an interview just a few weeks ago, Prescott told SportsDayDFW’s Jori Epstein. It’s the reason why I’m here. It’s the reason I do everything that I do to allow my mom to be my story. This is just something else I can push and hopefully reach out and just inspire.”

Adding, “So her impact, the one woman in my life that has an impact on my life for the rest of my life is my mom. I mean, I’ll carry it with me forever. It will never be changed. The things that she taught me, the things she told me how to be a man, the things that she portrayed as a woman of putting other people first, of being selfless, hard work and effort, it’s something I try to mimic every day in my life.”

To learn more visit DakPrescott4.com/MOM