Scrappy Marketing Hacks 101: Summer Business Tees

It’s nearly summer and you know what that means: No one wants to come to work!

Between wedding season, beach weather, long, hot afternoons and family vacations, it’s hard to stay focused. Business can also slow down during the summer months depending on your industry. No worries. Scrappy has tips and tricks to keep your employees connected to the company goals while building morale and increasing productivity during what can be a sluggish time.

Scrappy Marketing Hacks 101: Scrappy has a great internal marketing campaign that may not keep the team focused on business completely, but it will make for great social media content and cultivate employee goodwill.

Hack #241 Show the Love: Studies indicate that t-shirts can be the most coveted of giveaways. Craft a summer themed t-shirt that acknowledges the part every employee plays in your success.  Ask them to take photos with their t-shirts and caption them on social media using unique hashtag #IMatteratMountainStudio. Measure your success by downloading posts by searching under the hashtag.

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