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Scrappy Apparel Company enters into a strategic alliance with Tambosi | Creative Leadership

Scrappy provides unprecedented access to one of the top influential marketer

As one of the leading custom apparel marketers, Scrappy Apparel Company was one of the first to invest in resources that would help to expand their customers’ branding capabilities beyond the traditional linear programs into powerful campaigns that have provided millions of dollars in additional exposure for their client brands.

Part of the Scrappy Apparel Promise has been to give their clients a competitive edge in the marketplace and provide exclusive access to talented marketers. Today, the company announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with Tambosi Creative Leadership, offering exclusive programs developed by the company’s Founder & Manager Director, Fabio Tambosi.

Tambosi is an international marketer who has created powerful branding campaigns for Nike, Nokia, and IBM. He is an Adjunct Professor and Board Member at the Erwin Center for Branding Communications for the College of Business at Clemson University where he teaches an innovative program titled Brand Me | Influencer Marketing using industry case studies.

His classes include the real-world techniques he has used in campaigns for well-known brands including the basics on building foundational elements for strategic brand management and accessing valuable tools to leverage the power of influencers through a series of emotional branding tactics. Tambosi is currently honoring a one-year non-compete before taking on a leadership role at adidas.

“Marketers who embrace change have the unique ability to predict industry shifts that leave wide open opportunities to capture market share,” says Tambosi. “It is important to remember that “branding” and “marketing” are active verbs. The creative athlete never rests.”

Born in Brazil, Tambosi credits his creative thinking with his years on the soccer field. He credits the sport with sharpening his skills in building marketing programs that are grounded on reading the field.

Scrappy Apparel CEO Grant Kevins reached out to his former Clemson soccer teammate as a source for his clients.

“Fabio brings a portfolio of successful campaigns for world-renown brands,” says Kevins. “Access to his knowledge and experience will be a valuable resource for our customers and continue to build out our resource program.”

Upcoming Webinar
On Tuesday, June 5th at 4pm ET, Fabio Tambosi will present a free online webinar titled, Getting to Real Insights. The program introduces marketers to the role of the customer in brand building and product development.

Key questions include: Who are you servicing? What drives your customers to purchase? What is the most critical insight every marketer must be able to identify? How can your brand, make their life better?

These key questions will be answered and lay the foundation for determining brand identity and positioning through real-world insights. Attendees will be able to access Tambosi Creative Leadership’s best practice toolkit. At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to build their own insights program.

About Scrappy Apparel Company
Scrappy Apparel Company is a full-service custom apparel marketing agency with clients across the U.S. The company has been serving small, mid-level and large companies for more than a decade. Central to the company are five core business values, focused on the customer experience including: exceptional service, fair price, unparalleled expertise, source quality, be present. More than 80 percent of Scrappy Apparel’s business is repeat or referred. To learn more visit ScappyApparel.com

About Tambosi Creative Leadership
Tambosi | Creative Leadership grounds creative development in real consumer insights that are a critical foundation for building meaningful relationships and connections between brands and consumers. As a global agency focused on providing c-level executives and entrepreneurs with powerful programs that build brand equity, the company’s expertise focuses on identifying key principles for building enduring brands; creating a cohesive framework for influencer marketing programs; and recognizing the value of launching and curating an influencer program through social media platforms. For more information, visit FabioTambosi.com

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