Onion Social runs out of their “gesture of goodwill” t-shirt

Jeremy Rosenbaum, the CEO of Onion Social, took aim at the privacy issues dogging online platforms. Known by many as the best place to get news, albeit satirical…or is it, Rosenbaum announced a change in the company’s privacy policy. In addition to the change, Onion Social posted a release offering users a free, medium-sized t-shirt if they were stalked on the site, “The welfare of our users remains Onion Social’s top priority, and we hope those who have felt unsafe on our site will accept a complimentary medium short-sleeved tee as a gesture of goodwill.”

In a statement, Onion Social spokesperson, Melissa Stroud said, “If you have been harassed, threatened, or stalked on Onion Social, please post your address and phone number on your newsfeed and we will mail this apology shirt directly to your home.”

Stroud described the unisex t-shirt as a “breathable cotton-polyester blend and comfortable box-cut shape,” but cautioned, “If you would like the T-shirt in a different size, we recommend either shrinking it in the wash or really pulling on it to stretch it out.”

At this time, all t-shirts have been snatched up.