Scrappy Marketing Hacks 102: Share your brand

In 2016, we rebranded the company and added Scrappy, the Honey Badger. His connection to our customers was immediate, creating a powerful brand persona that far exceeded our expectations. As a custom apparel branding company, our work focused on our customers. To an large extent, it still does, but since many of our customers order online or by phone, we felt it was crucial to give people a more personal glimpse into Scrappy Apparel as a business. Our strategy was to do that through a beloved icon that people could and would connect with on many levels.

And Scrappy was born:

One of Scrappy Apparel Company’s favorite campaigns was borrowed from the ubiquitous Flat Stanley Project created by Canadian Dale Hubert in 1995. If you have school age children, nieces, nephews or friends with kids anytime after ’95, you most likely pariticipated in Flat Stanley’s travels.

It was that same excitement that we captured several years ago when we launched our own #Scrappyishere campaign. We offered “flat” Scrappy as a download on our website and included him in our orders. We still get posts to this day of Scrappy traveling the world.

Here’s a sampling from the program.














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