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Bernard Baruch was one of America’s most sought after businessmen. According to friends and business associates, his success was largely due to his ability to ignore the criticism and opinions of others. His financial acumen was overshadowed only by his generous spirit, donating millions of dollars to charities in his later life. When asked by a reporter about how he handled the criticism he faced over something as trivial as seating arrangements during his legendary dinners, Baruch responded simply, I never bother about that. Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.

That kind of internal fortitude must be freeing. The IDONTMIND.COM organization is doing what they can to encourage that kind of attitude among people living with mental health challenges. The non-profit has created a line of clothing to correspond with their message, hoping to create a movement out of a powerful mantra that consists of just three words: “I don’t mind.”

Their message is simple. Recite those three words a few times a day and see how it can change your perspective. Better yet, invest in the movement by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt. IDONTMIND.COM is entirely non-profit and officially sponsored by Mental Health America.



Love yourself no matter what you’ve been through. Face the future confidently, and say IDONTMIND. 100% pima cotton, a premium cotton that’s silky smooth and durable. It’ll hang in there with you through the good times and the tough times.

Limited edition. Only 200 available.


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