Scrappy takes on the world with Santa

Twas the night before Christmas at somebody’s house,
Scrappy was wrapping his boxes, listening to Strauss.
His gift was a powerful message to share,
He knew it would resonate everywhere.

The words were quite simple, but extremely well-said,
screen-printed on t-shirts in black, white and red.
Scrappy specially printed the words on a cap,
created by using their cut and sew app.

Could custom apparel start a powerful chatter,
and start a true movement of things that still matter.
Why not thought the badger, tying a red sash,
there’s got to be more than just likes, shares and cash.

Outside in sky, it had started to snow,
the big man was coming, of that he did know.
The man with the beard and eight tiny reindeer,
would jump down the chimney with gusto and cheer.

And when that time came, the man called St. Nick,
gladly loaded Scrappy’s boxes in a bag with a clip,
then jumped in his sleigh, called the reindeers by name
and flew up in the sky from whence he had came.

“Now, DASHER! now, DANCER! now, PRANCER and VIXEN!
He flew with such power and no fear of a fall,
Scrappy wondered what made him believe in magic at all.

Scrappy watched as the jolly man moved through the sky,
his message on t-shirts part of Santa’s supply.
He thought about what the people would do
with a cool looking t-shirt addressed just to “You.”

The morning came quickly, the sun on his back,
Santa had emptied the toys from his big woolen sack.
Well what of the custom apparel cotton tee
wrapped special by Scrappy and left under the tree?

Then Scrappy heard singing, music and clatter,
He flew to the window to see what was the matter.
There stood hundreds of neighbors on Elm Street and Worth
Wearing his t-shirt that said, “Peace on Earth.”

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