NBC12: Robbery suspect wearing Cardinals t-shirt wanted

“Richmond police are looking for man suspected of robbing a woman while wearing a St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt.”

Got it. Be on the lookout for a man wearing a Cardinals T-shirt. Seems a little vague. 

Today’s newsrooms are a skeleton of what they used to be, but breaking news still has to get published and it’s often interns who are charged with the responsibility for pulling police updates, rewriting them, then getting the copy to the digital news producer as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the writer and online poster are the same individual. Suffice it to say that time is a luxury in the news game today. So when we got an Google alert on a trending t-shirt story that somehow implicated a St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt in a robbery, it caught our attention.

The suspect apparently robbed a woman “WHILE wearing a….Cardinals T-shirt,” Clearly, the writer felt the tee was tantamount to solving the case, indicating that he/she places a strong emphasis on identifying a person by their clothing not their physical appearance.

Hmmmmm….more research needs to be done to better understand this interesting nuance that is shaping perception of others among young people – (We are hypothesizing that a college age intern was behind the post). What does it mean for t-shirt wearers around the world? What can brands learn from looking at this story and how can they use it to shape their corporate identity with young people?

What did the man in the Cardinals’ t-shirt steal? According to the article, the victim said “two unidentified males demanded she give them her gun and fled. They were last seen walking toward Government Road.”

What? She had a gun? She was robbed by to unidentified unarmed men, one wearing a Cardinals t-shirt, for her gun, then walked away in his bright red shoes and no one was able to apprehend them? Alternatively, handing over one’s gun does not seem like a safe bet unless it isn’t loaded, but that is obviously not important to the story. Back to the guts of this story, which closed with, “One of the suspects was seen wearing a red St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt and red shoes. There is no description of the second suspect,” says the article. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.”

I bet they get a lot of tips. 


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