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Scrappy takes on the world with Santa

Twas the night before Christmas at somebody’s house, Scrappy was wrapping his boxes, listening to Strauss. His gift was a powerful message to share, He knew it would resonate everywhere. The words were quite simple, but extremely well-said, screen-printed on t-shirts in black, white and red. Scrappy specially printed the words on a cap, created […]

This t-shirt design contest shines light on the first African-American high school in Virginia

How many t-shirts do you own? 10? 20? 50? I have dozens and every single one has a story associated with it. I know exactly where I got each shirt, why I bought it and even a little anecdote that corresponds with my acquisition, T-shirts tell stories and carry messages to influential groups of people. […]

Do 1 Thing Every Day for Yourself

Their most recent tee uses their familiar message and mantra “I don’t mind,” designed in the shape of a number 1. Released just as the group celebrated one year, it also references statistics that cite 1 in 4 persons will be diagnosed with mental illness during their lifetime. On their website, the number 1 t-shirt is opposite a reminder, “Do 1 thing for your mental health every day.”