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The true meaning of “Dont Tread on Me” might surprise you

If you have studied the American Revolution, electricity, spectacles, etc., you are familiar with the brilliant aptitude of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was a printer, inventor, the first postmaster general, diplomat, author as well as a brilliant marketer – long before marketing existed in business. In fact, if it were possible to print on clothing in […]

NBC12: Robbery suspect wearing Cardinals t-shirt wanted

“Richmond police are looking for man suspected of robbing a woman while wearing a St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt.” Got it. Be on the lookout for a man wearing a Cardinals T-shirt. Seems a little vague.  Today’s newsrooms are a skeleton of what they used to be, but breaking news still has to get published and […]

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo disqualifies $10,000 Grand Prix t-shirt winner

Wait. What? There were over 18,000 entries in Japanese retailer Uniqlo’s annual UT Grand Prix T-shirt Design Contest, the most ever in the contest’s history. Last Sunday, the votes were tallied and the winners were announced. “I felt crazy and unbelievable when I saw the result,” posted Li Wen Pei on winner the Grand Prize. […]