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Arkansas sheriff pressured over Nike t-shirt mugshots

We’ve said it over and over, t-shirts are the best form of advertising. In the sports apparel industry, t-shirts play a dual role: Marketing to the buyer is one strategy. The buyer/wearer then serves as the remarketer, clothed in the brand’s message and presenting it to like-minded individuals who see it as an endorsement for […]

Colorado mascot leveled by a t-shirt gun (VIDEO)

Who wants a t-shirt? Pretty much everyone! If you’ve ever attended a sports game, you know the excitement that goes along with the t-shirt launcher. Last week, Colorado’s mascot had to be taken off the field on a stretch after he mistakenly shot the t-shirt gun toward him and not away. The pressure was just […]

Scrappy Marketing Hacks 103: T-Shirt Bingo

Looking for a cool way to promote your brand to thousands? Try your own cutom bingo card! Andy Sturdevant with the Minnesota Post knows a t-shirt is not just a t-shirt, especially when it’s worn to one of the biggest events of the year: the Minnesota State Fair. It’s a statement. From representing your college […]

University of Michigan Hospital Bans T-Shirts

How do you get a group of people energized? Ban something. At least that’s what happened when administrators at the University of Michigan Hospital banned employees from wearing custom red t-shirts supporting nurses in contract negotiations. According to RN Anne Jackson, a union steward working on behalf of the members, “With each banned shirt, more […]