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Fashion Label Balenciaga is selling a T-shirt Shirt for $1290. You in?

Let’s face it, t-shirts sell products. So Balenciaga’s T-shirt Shirt may not be quite as ridiculous as some on the Internet might think. It has been written about in every major news publication, reaching a much different demographic than the pricey label might be used to, but that just might be the goal. With no […]

Learn the marketing secrets of top brands like Nike, Nokia and IBM

Scrappy Apparel Company enters into a strategic alliance with Tambosi | Creative Leadership Scrappy provides unprecedented access to one of the top influential marketer As one of the leading custom apparel marketers, Scrappy Apparel Company was one of the first to invest in resources that would help to expand their customers’ branding capabilities beyond the […]

New York Magazine’s embraces wearable content to increase revenue, New York magazine’s website for women, announced in April they would launch a line of t-shirts in partnership with Merch by Amazon. The t-shirts was printed with headlines taken from the site’s popular articles. The original inventory included 30 shirts at a cost of $24.99 and has added one design every week. The Cut […]

Scrappy Marketing Hacks 101: Summer Business Tees

It’s nearly summer and you know what that means: No one wants to come to work! Between wedding season, beach weather, long, hot afternoons and family vacations, it’s hard to stay focused. Business can also slow down during the summer months depending on your industry. No worries. Scrappy has tips and tricks to keep your employees […]