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Life Goals and T-Shirts

The KWCH headline reads: “Man’s dream comes true meeting President George W. Bush…” Which would be a reasonable dream perhaps for someone, but this particular man’s dream was bigger. The full headline states: Man’s dream comes true meeting President George W. Bush in ‘Dubya’ shirt, sign   It’s not clear from the article where the meeting […]

When to launch your own custom apparel brand

Prem Rawat – Maharaji has inspired this young boy who recites the Maharaji’s sermon: “What do you practice?”  Dressed in a simple green, long-sleeve knit Ralph Lauren polo shirt, this future spiritual prodigy delivers Rawat’s sermon flawlessly.   What do we practice? We practice our craft – t-shirt design, printing, marketing, branding and distribution. As custom apparel marketers, it’s difficult […]

T-shirt fundraisers helping slain officers’ families

On February 5th, El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies Micah Flick and Scott Stone were shot during an multi-agency task force arrest. Stone survived, but Flick did not.  The police force community is tight-knit and the financial hardship that comes with the death of an officer is very real. Immediately following the death of Deputy Flick, […]

This shipping company’s shirt is the most talked about at fashion week

Consider this: You work for a boutique shipping company that serves the fashion industry. During New York Fashion Week, the CEO approves a half million dollar budget for print, social, digital and exclusive sponsorships. You expect ROI to be significant, because your brand is dominating the event. Then this happens: A T-SHIRT ON THE RUNWAY […]