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What could be bigger than Robert Redford?

I’ll bet The Sink restaurant is pretty happy they made those custom t-shirts. Who could have imagined they would be more newsworthy than Robert Redford’s official opening of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival? We could have predicted it. We know that custom t-shirts have been used by revolutionaries, band members, corporations. everyone that wants exposure […]

KISS Interviewer told to take off Iron Maiden t-shirt

How important is a t-shirt? According to Paul Stanley of KISS, wearing any other shirt when interviewing the band is just downright disrespectful.   The 2012 interview video shows Paul Stanley ribbing a European interviewer named Gustavo about his decision to wear an Iron Maiden t-shirt to the KISS interview. “I have a question to ask. KISS is […]

High school basketball player cashes in on his name before he’s ineligible

What’s the rule for cashing in on personalized premium items before an athlete goes to college and becomes ineligible? Apparently, there is no rule. Andrew Slater with posted a tweet from the Big Beach Classic that he “claims” is Zion Williamson, the number 2 player on the website’s composite and arguably the top college […]