What Can One Soccer Ball Do For A Generation Of Kids? Plenty.

Builds self-esteem. Encourages sportsmanship. Establishes a team network around the world. Develops trust. Influences thought.

Every ball you purchase, a ball of equal quality will be donated to a program that supports youth players in communities around the world.

Give A Ball Every Month

1 Ball / $60

Join the club and send a high quality match ball to a player every month.

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Support A Team

10 Balls / $500

Choose to support an entire team and their coach with a donation of 10 high quality match soccer balls.

Influence A Village

25 Balls / $1,000

Sending 25 high quality match soccer balls will make a major impact on a community program in need.


Our Message To The Youth

Our team has over two decades of experience in high level youth soccer. Our experience consists of managing non profit youth soccer clubs of 1500+ players, coaching in the United States Development Academy, and countless volunteer hours dedicated to individual player development.

We are not an organization that blindly sends resources to organizations in exchange for branding and exposure. All of our affiliate partnerships are strategic and every child must earn their t-shirt and soccer ball by mastering our barefoot juggling program.

Through hard work and persistence we will do our part to contribute to the individual player development of youth players in the United States and around the world.

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