Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

How about a limited edition Spice Girls t-shirt designed by Posh Spice AKA Victoria Beckham? Beckham designed the special shirt for Red Nose Day, an annual fundraiser that began in 1988 in the UK as part of the Comic Relief charity. Red Nose Day was launched in the U.S. in

Facebook apology inspires hundreds of t-shirt sales

Moms typically focus on the big picture, especially during morning routines when the simple act of getting the kids to school on time feels like running a marathon blindfolded. So If her children show up dressed and ready for school, that’s enough. Earlier this week, a Texas mom posted an


We specialize in screen printed shirts, but screen printing has been used on other canvases to make a statement throughout history. Today, we honor those who bravely stood against powerful people and changed the world. _____________________________________________ It is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Life Goals and T-Shirts

The KWCH headline reads: “Man’s dream comes true meeting President George W. Bush…” Which would be a reasonable dream perhaps for someone, but this particular man’s dream was bigger. The full headline states: Man’s dream comes true meeting President George W. Bush in ‘Dubya’ shirt, sign   It’s not clear from

When to launch your own custom apparel brand

Prem Rawat – Maharaji has inspired this young boy who recites the Maharaji’s sermon: “What do you practice?”  Dressed in a simple green, long-sleeve knit Ralph Lauren polo shirt, this future spiritual prodigy delivers Rawat’s sermon flawlessly.   What do we practice? We practice our craft – t-shirt design, printing, marketing, branding and distribution. As

T-shirt fundraisers helping slain officers’ families

On February 5th, El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies Micah Flick and Scott Stone were shot during an multi-agency task force arrest. Stone survived, but Flick did not.  The police force community is tight-knit and the financial hardship that comes with the death of an officer is very real. Immediately following


If you are fortunate enough to live in London or if you plan to visit between now and May 6th, don’t miss the Fashion and Textile Museum’s exhibition: T-SHIRT: CULT – CULTURE – SUBVERSION – charting the history of “the most affordable and popular item of clothing on the planet.” One fashion

This shipping company’s shirt is the most talked about at fashion week

Consider this: You work for a boutique shipping company that serves the fashion industry. During New York Fashion Week, the CEO approves a half million dollar budget for print, social, digital and exclusive sponsorships. You expect ROI to be significant, because your brand is dominating the event. Then this happens:

Man’s custom t-shirt asked for a kidney and he got one.

New Jersey resident Robert Leibowitz, 60, needed a plan. His kidneys were running at just 5 percent and hope for a transplant was dismal with a projected 7-10 years to wait. No one close to him was a match and he knew he was running out of time.  This father of

What could be bigger than Robert Redford?

I’ll bet The Sink restaurant is pretty happy they made those custom t-shirts. Who could have imagined they would be more newsworthy than Robert Redford’s official opening of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival? We could have predicted it. We know that custom t-shirts have been used by revolutionaries, band members,