Colorado mascot leveled by a t-shirt gun (VIDEO)

Who wants a t-shirt? Pretty much everyone! If you’ve ever attended a sports game, you know the excitement that goes along with the t-shirt launcher. Last week, Colorado’s mascot had to be taken off the field on a stretch after he mistakenly shot the t-shirt gun toward him and not

Scrappy Marketing Hacks 103: T-Shirt Bingo

Looking for a cool way to promote your brand to thousands? Try your own cutom bingo card! Andy Sturdevant with the Minnesota Post knows a t-shirt is not just a t-shirt, especially when it’s worn to one of the biggest events of the year: the Minnesota State Fair. It’s a

Register to vote with this t-shirt

Some tragedies are so heartbreaking and senseless that society’s reaction is to try to forget and hope that it won’t happen again. School violence is just one example. For the children who we failed over the past 20 years, taken at the hands of fellow students, the collective response could

University of Michigan Hospital Bans T-Shirts

How do you get a group of people energized? Ban something. At least that’s what happened when administrators at the University of Michigan Hospital banned employees from wearing custom red t-shirts supporting nurses in contract negotiations. According to RN Anne Jackson, a union steward working on behalf of the members,

Can a t-shirt Erase Hate?

Some of you reading this might be too young to remember Matthew Shepard. For those of us who do, it is as vivid now in our minds as it was two decades ago. It was his familiar face that resonated for many of us. He resembled that devoutely loyal friend in

MANTRA TEES: IDONTMIND.COM – invest in a powerful movement

Bernard Baruch was one of America’s most sought after businessmen. According to friends and business associates, his success was largely due to his ability to ignore the criticism and opinions of others. His financial acumen was overshadowed only by his generous spirit, donating millions of dollars to charities in his

Scrappy Marketing Hacks 102: Share your brand

In 2016, we rebranded the company and added Scrappy, the Honey Badger. His connection to our customers was immediate, creating a powerful brand persona that far exceeded our expectations. As a custom apparel branding company, our work focused on our customers. To an large extent, it still does, but since

Onion Social runs out of their “gesture of goodwill” t-shirt

Jeremy Rosenbaum, the CEO of Onion Social, took aim at the privacy issues dogging online platforms. Known by many as the best place to get news, albeit satirical…or is it, Rosenbaum announced a change in the company’s privacy policy. In addition to the change, Onion Social posted a release offering

This t-shirt purifies air, really.

It doesn’t take a focus group to figure out that runners have a certain fondness for the outdoors. So creating a t-shirt that also kills pollutants in the air as it cycles through a runner’s shirt is a pretty cool idea…or gimmick…or both. Introduced with the campaign, “Can a T-Shirt Save the

Fashion Label Balenciaga is selling a T-shirt Shirt for $1290. You in?

Let’s face it, t-shirts sell products. So Balenciaga’s T-shirt Shirt may not be quite as ridiculous as some on the Internet might think. It has been written about in every major news publication, reaching a much different demographic than the pricey label might be used to, but that just might

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