Let the t-shirt guide you to success.

It’s the second week in January, let the New Year’s Resolutions fly! If you made your resolutions on January 1st, according to science, the vast majority of you have already thrown in the towel. At least you tried. Now let’s try it again. It’s hard to stay focused and committed

Scrappy takes on the world with Santa

Twas the night before Christmas at somebody’s house, Scrappy was wrapping his boxes, listening to Strauss. His gift was a powerful message to share, He knew it would resonate everywhere. The words were quite simple, but extremely well-said, screen-printed on t-shirts in black, white and red. Scrappy specially printed the

This t-shirt design contest shines light on the first African-American high school in Virginia

How many t-shirts do you own? 10? 20? 50? I have dozens and every single one has a story associated with it. I know exactly where I got each shirt, why I bought it and even a little anecdote that corresponds with my acquisition, T-shirts tell stories and carry messages

Do 1 Thing Every Day for Yourself

If you could do one thing for yourself every day, what would you do? We’ve been working with a great organization called IDONTMIND. A few months ago, we featured their work in one of our newsletters and on our blog. The organization began just one year ago with a mission

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down law against political apparel at polling places.

In November 2017, we reported that the U.S. Supreme Court had agreed to hear the case of a Minneapolis man who was denied his right to vote because he was wearing a t-shirt that said “Don’t tread on me.” That seems to be ambiguous enough, but the process of determining

Arkansas sheriff pressured over Nike t-shirt mugshots

We’ve said it over and over, t-shirts are the best form of advertising. In the sports apparel industry, t-shirts play a dual role: Marketing to the buyer is one strategy. The buyer/wearer then serves as the remarketer, clothed in the brand’s message and presenting it to like-minded individuals who see

Colorado mascot leveled by a t-shirt gun (VIDEO)

Who wants a t-shirt? Pretty much everyone! If you’ve ever attended a sports game, you know the excitement that goes along with the t-shirt launcher. Last week, Colorado’s mascot had to be taken off the field on a stretch after he mistakenly shot the t-shirt gun toward him and not

Scrappy Marketing Hacks 103: T-Shirt Bingo

Looking for a cool way to promote your brand to thousands? Try your own cutom bingo card! Andy Sturdevant with the Minnesota Post knows a t-shirt is not just a t-shirt, especially when it’s worn to one of the biggest events of the year: the Minnesota State Fair. It’s a

Register to vote with this t-shirt

Some tragedies are so heartbreaking and senseless that society’s reaction is to try to forget and hope that it won’t happen again. School violence is just one example. For the children who we failed over the past 20 years, taken at the hands of fellow students, the collective response could

University of Michigan Hospital Bans T-Shirts

How do you get a group of people energized? Ban something. At least that’s what happened when administrators at the University of Michigan Hospital banned employees from wearing custom red t-shirts supporting nurses in contract negotiations. According to RN Anne Jackson, a union steward working on behalf of the members,

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