Can a Stephen Hawking puzzle on a t-shirt make you smarter?

If you want to teach the world something, putting it on a t-shirt is a good start. Indi Dixon posted the picture of a Stephen Hawking t-shirt sold on Amazon. It has become a viral sensation. The relatively simple blue cotton t-shirt becomes exceptional by screen printing the following quote

At Kevin Durant’s press conference, his t-shirt spoke the loudest

What can you say to the trolls on social media that enjoy the hum of targeted harassment and for many, nothing is more personal than their home town team. Kevin Durant’s departure last summer clearly still stings, visible in the very popular hashtag “#snake” that has found a home alongside

No unemployment for worker who refused to wear company t-shirt

This week, in a Pennsylvania court, a t-shirt was on trial. Aleh Kiaturka, a former maintenance worker filed an unemployment claim against his former company claiming that he was fired for refusing to wear a company t-shirt. The case ended up in Pennsylvania state court where a Commonwealth Court panel

How a t-shirt got one celebrity chef millions of dollars in free advertising

Get a Sneak Peek of the New Iron Chef Showdown (Yes, Bobby Flay Makes an Appearance!) ~ People on Bobby Flay says he did not quit ‘Iron Chef‘ ~ Fox News Bobby Flay may have quit ‘Iron Chef’ in epic fashion — literally ~ New York Daily News Bobby

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