No matter how gifted an athlete might be, on the soccer field the true power of the game lies in the player that can successfully anticipate and control the will of the ball. Those who study the ball and can read its response, dominate the game, but envisioning the path of any ball requires years of practice and study.

We have worked and coached young athletes for some time. Frequently, corporations stepped up to support a club by providing uniforms and equipment, but more often than not, the quality of the ball was not a high priority and it fell short in allowing the player to experience the true dynamics of regulation play, experiencing real competition between themselves and the ball.

Those experiences stayed with us and, it’s that commitment to the player and the sport that led us to create a high quality, regulation soccer ball that can be purchased as well as donated to dedicated players around the world. We are excited to announce the “Work Harder Than Everyone Else” campaign. The slogan is printed on our limited-edition soccer balls, made from superior high-end materials that match the size and weight of a regulation ball.

Let’s Get To Work!

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