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Well, hey there. We might as well call you Michelangelo right here, right now. Between your bespoke design and our printing prowess, your company’s about to get some serious street-cred.

Before we dig into how we’ll create your must-wear custom printed shirts, first there’s the matter of getting it right. After all, you want to spend ZERO-time fixing mistakes, and more time handing out your rock-star worthy custom printed shirts.

So here’s how we get it right, every time.

Holy moly, these influencers are hard to impress

We print custom t shirts that people LOVE to wear (yup, even the most demanding of influencers). We do this through smooth and soft-to-the-touch material; through advanced printing techniques – like printing anything, anywhere on your custom printed shirts, it’s called sublimation printing. And through our quality control nerds. They have clipboards. And they mean business (truth be known, the rest of us are really rather scared of them.)

Whizz your designs over

Print custom t shirts. Prepare for profit

Our line of work isn’t about cheap custom t shirt printing. Not at heart. It’s about…

Your Freedom to Design

Go, be free to design. Be creative, be adventurous. Or ask us to handle the design, as well as your custom t shirt printing.

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Your Choice of Fabric

With the design done, your custom printed shirts now need the shirt part. Our collection of different fabrics have all bases covered – from cheapest to highest quality (and higher resale price).

What Fabric Is Best?
Your Business

Our cheap custom t shirt printing can (and has) helped brands reach wider audiences, dress influencers, go viral, boost profits and shown customers some love. What will you use our custom t shirt printing to do?

Build Your Brand

Cheap Custom T Shirt Printing: Superior Inks Render Superior Results

Time to dig into the details. Here are your options – Scrappy Apparel Company 


At over a century old, screen printing is the granddaddy of fabric printing. At Scrappy, we’ve taken the process up a notch using 21st century tools.

While we could print with the traditional plastisol inks that most local screen printers use, we’ve created our own unique house blend of superior Phthalate-free inks and special additives – for cheap custom t shirt printing that is softer and brighter.

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This technique makes a t shirt feel completely flat (as though it had no print on it at all). So if you’re looking for custom printed shirts that allow the natural fibers to shine through (instead of a thick layer of plastisol ink), then this is it.

Discharge works with a variety of different brands and styles of shirts and other garments. Some styles and colors have stronger results than others (talk to us if you need our expert advice on this.)

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Planet lover? Then you’re going to adore our water-based screen printing.

A more environmentally-friendly way to print custom t shirts, this technique uses inks that can go straight down the drain.

And FYI, whatever the technique you choose for your cheap custom t shirt printing, our inks are always non-toxic, and free from: lead and heavy metals, ozone-depleting chemicals (CFC’s, HCFC’s, etc) and volatile solvents.

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Go large with your custom t shirt printing, for a bigger, bolder statement. We have 4 different tiers of large format screen printing….

        • Oversize: 16″ X 20″
        • Jumbo: 17″ X 22″
        • Monster: 20″ X 28″
        • All Over: Entire Garment

For the brightest of results, choose either discharge and/or water-based inks. You’ll hardly feel the ink at all.

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Want cheap custom t shirt printing that never fades, cracks or peels?
Our sublimation solution is on it (our best-selling custom t shirt printing, no less).

The colors will be vibrant, with no inconsistencies over the garments’ seams (perish the thought!)

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Cheap Custom T Shirt Printing That Stands Out…

(For all the right reasons)


Like shiny stuff? Foil will ensure your tees shimmer and glimmer under the light.

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Glow in the Dark

Shine bright even after dark, with luminescent print.

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Liquid Gold and Silver

Just like the kids say “Bling Bling.” A durable option to achieve a bright and frosty effect.

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Elevate your design. Literally.

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Safety first. Perfect for workwear or your cycling group.

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A special process when printing on 50/50 blends. The cotton fibers are disintegrated leaving only the polyester fabric behind.

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We Print Custom T Shirts That Connect Customer With Brand

From logo design to apparel manufacturing, hats to hoodies, we’re much more than just a custom t shirt printing studio.

Google “print custom t shirts” and you’ll be hit with 151,000,000 results. Thing is, 150,999,999 of them aren’t us. We get that our job is about more than print. It’s about creating something that connects people with your branding.


Diversify your apparel by adding embroidery to the sleeve or another location.

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Neck Tag Printing

Make it your own with a custom neck tag.

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The final touch to making your apparel retail-ready. All orders are individually folded and polybagged at no additional charge.

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Woven neck label or hem tags add that extra flair to your apparel.

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High quality embroidered patches that can be applied to any garment.

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Hang Tags

An extra touch to making it your own. We can design and manufacture your hang tags or you can send us your own.

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