We Value Accurate Custom T Shirt Printing

What do first time and repeat customers have in common? They want to get what they ordered. All custom shirt printing orders placed with Scrappy flow through our streamlined, step by step, customer approval process to ensure design, garment, size, and shipping details are correct before we move into full production.

How do we know it is correct? Because you are a part of this process. Why do we do this? Because we know you would rather spend time distributing your shirts than fixing avoidable mistakes. Here is how Scrappy Apparel Company’s custom t shirt printing process works.

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Why? Imagine influencers across the country, walking around with YOUR brand, a cool design, and great message on a custom tee in places that make sense for your brand. What’s more powerful: a banner on a stage at a music festival or giving away thousands of t-shirts that, when worn, become a personal endorsement of your brand.


Custom t-shirt printing provides long-term advertising when posted on social media and worn again and again. How can you be sure it will be worn over and over? At Scrappy Apparel, we pay special attention to the look and feel of your personal printed t-shirts. After more than a decade in business, we know how to creating a “favorite” shirt. Our motto is bright colors on soft fabric and a custom message that is unique to the owner and his or her thousands of friends.


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Custom Printing on T-Shirts: How Does All Of This Work

Printed t-shirts with custom logos are being integrated into the marketing campaigns of top companies. Are you using apparel to reach your target market?

Where do you start?

Submit a design graphic or work with the Scrappy Apparel team to create a design (additional charge). Once approved, you’ll have a few decisions to make for your custom printed t shirts.

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What shirt should you use?

Fabric Matters. Customized t-shirt printing, automobile manufacturing, and home building all have one thing in common – better quality materials justify higher resale price points and are made to fit different tastes. Scrappy Apparel offers a variety of fabrics for your personalized printed t shirts.

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Where do you start?

Custom printing on t shirts made of comfortable, durable, and or specialty fabric can help you reach a specific audience and increase your resale price to bring in more profits to help fund future projects.

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Custom T-Shirt Printing: Superior Inks Render Superior Results

How do you want your design printed on your shirt? There are several options that Scrappy Apparel Company has made famous. Your design will never look so good on a t-shirt.

Custom Screen Printing

Taking your message to the masses first requires it to be placed on the appropriate garment. Deciding which process to use shouldn’t affect the quality. Screen printing is more than one hundred years old. Along the way, it’s been perfected and at Scrappy Apparel we’ve taken the process up a notch. While we could print with the traditional plastisol inks used by most local screen printers, we’ve created our own unique house blend. By incorporating only superior, high quality Phthalate free inks along with some special additives, we are able to make your designs softer and brighter.

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Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge screen printing is a specialty technique used in the screen printing industry to achieve a no ink feel. It results in a very soft hand and shows the garments natural fiber instead of laying a thick layer of plastisol ink on top of the garment. By itself, discharge ink removes the dye of the cotton fiber when it hits a certain temperature. Discharge works with a variety of different brands and styles of shirts or other garments, with some styles and colors having stronger results than others.

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Water Based Screen Printing

Water Based Screen Printing is similar to discharge screen printing, but more environmentally friendly. After a run of prints, screens can be cleaned with just water, and inks can go down the drain, being no more harmful than mild household cleaning products. Our inks are not toxic, do not contain lead or any heavy metals, nor do they contain any ozone-depleting chemicals (CFC’s, HCFC’s, etc) or volatile solvents.

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Large Format Screen Printing

Screen Print Bigger at Scrappy Apparel Company!  Large Format Screen Printing is becoming more popular in today’s fashion marketplace.  We have 4 different tiers of large format screen printing.  See below for details:

        • Oversize: 16″ X 20″
        • Jumbo: 17″ X 22″
        • Monster: 20″ X 28″
        • All Over: Entire Garment

Since these designs take up such a large area on the garment we recommend using discharge and/or water based inks on all jobs to render maximum results.  You will hardly feel the ink at all.

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Guaranteed to never fade, crack or peel, our cut and sew sublimation program consistently delivers superior results. As custom apparel becomes a high-end brand builder, we count this option as one of our best sellers.This high-end, polished, quality look has no restrictions. We manufacture all sublimation orders from scratch, sothe sky’s the limit.Your design colors are guaranteed to be vibrant and you will never have to worry about inconsistencies over the garments seams.

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Specialty Custom Screen Printing Inks : Stand Out

In a crowded field, how will your brand stand out?


Do you like shiny stuff? Foil is a process that will make your shirt really stand out from the crowd.

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Glow in the dark

You will be the life of the party when the lights go out and you are glowing.

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Liquid Gold and Silver

Just like the kids say “Bling Bling.” A durable option to achieve a bright and frosty effect.

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Elevate your design off of the garment, literally!

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Safety first. Perfect for workwear or your cycling group.

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A special process when printing on 50/50 blends. The cotton fibers are disintegrated only leaving the polyester fabric.

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Custom Shirt Printing : Create a Connection with Branding

brand campaign. From logo design to apparel manufacturing, our team is dedicated to your project.  Custom printed t-shirts and polo shirts with an embroidered logo, and/or cut and sew hats are just a few products Scrappy Apparel Company offers to our clients. Mature brands interested in marketing their own line of apparel have enjoyed the benefits of our custom t-shirt printing expertise. Incorporating brand building add-ons such as custom neck labels, individual packaging, and hang tags has proven to be the recipe for success.


Diversify your apparel by adding embroidery to the sleeve or another location.

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Neck Tag Printing

Make it your own with a custom neck tag.

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The final touch to making your apparel retail ready. All orders are individually folded and polybagged at no additional charge.

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Woven neck label or hem tags adds that extra flair to your apparel.

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High quality embroidered patches that can be applied to any garment.

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Hang Tags

An extra touch to making it your own. We can design and manufacture your hang tags or you can send us your own.

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