Badass Custom Screen Printing Shirts

You’re looking for a t shirt screen printer. But not just any-old t shirt screen printer. You wanna’ know that their processes are on-point for super fly tees that fly off the shelves. Speaking of which, this is how we work…

This T Shirt Screen Printer Uses SROQUE Technology

Don’t waste your time with a t shirt screen printer that doesn’t respect yours.
Our custom t shirt screen printing presses can print up to 2000 pieces per hour. That means getting your tees in your hands early or bang-on-time to meet your tight deadline.

Screen printing tee shirts should be done right. We always, always mock up designs for approval. Then we use laser markers for t shirts that are right down to the millimeter.

In the business of screen printing tee shirts, it’s go big or go home.
You can’t screen print your designs up to 20×28 inches unless your printer’s machine can handle it (*cough like ours can). Screen printing custom t shirts with your logo in different sizes gives your brand a fresh new look without having to splurge extra time and money on a new design.

You’ve Found Your T Shirt Screen Printer

Now it’s time to talk. Let our 10+ years of experience as a shirt screen printer work for you.

Screen Printing Tee Shirts – Fabric. It Matters. A Lot!

Screen printing tee shirts can be done on all kinds of fabrics.So grab a coffee, read, learn, then make your choice (it’s an important decision to make).

Heavy Cotton

A rugged and durable option. Bring on the wear and tear!

Combed Ringspun Cotton

Super soft, great price points, perfect for start up brands and clothing lines.


Three different blends of fabrics, making it three times as cool.


Care about the planet? So do we. Hemp, Bamboo, and Organic Cotton tees!


This will be the nicest t-shirt in your closet. No words can describe the quality of this fabric.

Peruvian Cotton

We source the softest Peruvian Cotton from local markets in Peru. Why Peru? Because you can’t duplicate climate. Some of the best Cotton on the planet is found in Peru because of the countries climate.

Custom Screen Printing Shirts Requires Ink. Time For Another Decision

Each t shirt screen printer has their own ink recipe. The ones that come with bags of experienced in screen printing t shirts will also have their own special sauce for different fabrics.

T shirt screen printers test, test and test again to create a process that’s unique to their company so they can have their very own product. Just like grandma’s secret cookie recipe. Here is a description (without giving away our saucy secrets) of how we like to lay down the ink.

Standard Plastisol

These Inks Will Be Bright And Have A Texture On The Garment.

Retail Soft

Achieve Maximum Color Vibrancy With A Retail Soft Finish On Any Type Of Fabric.

Discharge Inks

No ink feel after a couple washes. This print is best used on 100% cotton garments. It costs a little more, but we feel it is well worth it. To learn more about discharge ink hop over to our discharge ink page.

Water Based Inks

Eco Friendly and a no ink feel after a couple washes. To learn more about water based ink printing go over the river and through the woods to our water based ink printing page.

Screen Printing T Shirts To Your EXACT Color

We match any PMS Color number with 95% accuracy. For free.

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