Our Love Affair with Discharge T Shirt Printing

You got us. We admit it. We’re obsessed, fanatically, utterly stuck on discharge screen printing.
A fav t-shirt comes along maybe 10 times in a lifetime. And everyone, everyone has a type.
For us, that tee is a frosty-cool graphic that talks to the wearer. But it has to be soft. The softer, the better. And for this, the only choice is discharge screen printing.

Discharge Screen Printing Vs. Plastisol Ink Printing


Plastisol ink printing results are more vibrant, but less breathable than discharge ink screen printing. The ink sits on top of the shirt. This costs less and has been the industry standard for a long, long time (like, last century long).


Our discharge ink printing is our specialty – our pièce de résistance. And it’s pretty darn popular. Discharge ink printing produces lighter, more breathable prints that become one with the shirt’s cotton fibers.


Many retail brands choose to go with discharge ink screen printing on a kitten-soft, couch-comfy shirt. Why? Because discharge ink screen printing deactivates the dye within the t-shirt and creates a no ink feel and cool look. This is a simple way to differentiate your shirt from the many others on the rack. Discharge ink screen printing also means that you can ask for more bucks.

Featured Discharge Ink Screen Printing Products

Over the past decade we’ve made a conscious effort to offer our clients higher quality fabrics that will increase their brands’ cost per wear.

Head over to our Premium Brands page, select the garment you want, and hire us to handle all the custom screen printing and private labeling.

Discharge printing that disses the closest competition

Do you want a soft hand (feel), your graphic to be one with the shirt for eternity, and a print that feels as expensive as NYC real estate? If so, we should probably talk.

Discharge printing and shirt selection

If you’re even thinking about discharge screen printing, there are three things to consider…

What Type of Print Can You Expect From Discharge Ink Printing?

How do you know you’ve received a tee created using discharge ink screen printing?


We believe prints should be super soft, so we use a discharge ink under base in our dark colored shirt house blend (if garment fabric and color allows.) This creates a light and vibrant print. If you go straight discharge it will be even smoother.

Start Here

If you want a no ink feel you can upgrade to discharge ink printing for a few cents extra per tee. Those extra cents will add extra dollars out on the shop floor. You can tell it is a discharge ink print because you’ll be able to see the fibers up close.

Build Your Brand

Our experience with thousands of shirts of varying styles and fabrics make us a printer that will protect your investment in t-shirts by telling you what we can and cannot do with discharge ink screen printing. Discharge ink printing should enhance what you want to do. Not take away from it.

Work With Scrappy

Water Based and Discharge Ink Printing

You want discharge ink screen printing. But you have light fabrics, like white or natural, to work with. To get this right, you need water-based discharge ink printing. The planet will love you for it, too.

Benefits of Discharge Ink Screen Printing

Discharge ink screen printing is tough to master. After ten years though, we’ve done it. We’ve perfected our discharge ink screen printing technique. And it makes for some pretty incredible results.

Want to know what colors work best with discharge ink screen printing?

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