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BIG STATEMENTS: Large Format Screen Printing

Our Large Screen Printing Options

You should be able to print your design how you want. If that means bigger is better we want you to be able to do that.  We offer 4 sizes larger than our standard 14×17 inch print size to give you the design freedom you deserve and another way to differentiate yourself from the 1000s of other brands out there.


16x20 Inches


17x22 inches


20x28 inches

All Over Printing

The sky is the limit. A different process than traditional screen printing

Large Screen Printing Companies: Who tends to print big?

You can find a niche for large silk screen printing in almost any industry, but we find that these use it more frequently.


Clothing Brands

The graphic tee will always have a place in the fashion industry and brands. More and more brands are choosing to have options that showcase their logo or design in a big way to increase brand recognition.



Loud Music, Loud Fans, Loud Personalities, Loud Shirts. Merchandise sales account for a large portion of musicians’ revenue and a large print on a shirt can garner higher price points.



Events and Festivals tend to have a lot of people involved in their success. Whether that is a long lineup of artists or a number of sponsors on the back of a shirt, the extra inches allow them to showcase those involved without having to crowd the shirt or print on multiple locations making the shirts look better and cost less.

Things to know about large scale screen printing

At Scrappy we want to make sure that you understand some key points before you start designing with large scale printing in mind.  Take these into consideration before creating a design or selecting a print size to determine if a larger than standard print is a good choice.

Due to the amount of time and materials involved in large format screen printing you can expect higher minimums to be enforced.

Time and materials = money.  You can expect to pay an upcharge when you jump from one print dimension to another because it will cost your screen printer more to produce your job.

Designs will be scaled to fit on the smallest garment in your order.  Know your audience and select the print size that works for all garments.  In addition, adding just 1 small shirt affects the print size you can use on the larger sizes.

The larger the screen print the more ink coverage there is. We recommend printing with discharge or water based inks to ensure the print does not weigh down the wearer.

Large Format Silk Screen Printing Necessitites

Scrappy has all the necessary equipment and know how to produce large silk screen printing jobs for you!  Contact us today to see how going big can enhance your walking billboard marketing and become a complimentary revenue source.


To be able to print big you need machinery to handle the larger print dimensions. Our print shop is powered by SROQUE Technology.

Film Output

We have the necessary equipment to print larger film and therefore larger designs.


We have invested in screens that allow you to print up to 20x28 inches.

Examples Done With Our Large Format Screen Printer


Scrappy Apparel has over 7 years of experience in the large format printing arena. Hire us For all your oversize printing projects.

Large Prints, Small Details

Work with us to maintain specific details in your design regardless how large you choose to print.

Not sure what size you should print? Run your order by someone who can make recommendations with experience.