Why Oversize Screen Printing?

It might be quicker to tell you why not. Oversize t shirt printing gives you a larger space to work with – for more impact, more in-store visibility and event signposting. It can supersize your logo, multiple your message and it always, always hands you more design freedom than the standard (sometimes restrictive) size of other printing solutions (our oversized screen printing t shirts feature a space of 16 x 20 inches).

Oversized Screen Printing T-Shirts is Here to Stay

To keep up with the trend in today’s fashion marketplace companies who use apparel as a way to market and generate revenue are offering larger logo options as an alternative to their standard branded shirt. At Scrappy, oversize printing is 16×20 inches and only one of the large format screen printing sizes we offer.

Made You Look

See, you’ve just proven our point admirably. Bigger IS better.

Let’s Talk Ink

Light blue has an A rating when using discharge (and to achieve the best results, we would recommend using discharge for oversized printed t shirts).

Oversized printed t shirts look the business. But there are three things you should know.

You’ve decided to go with a printed oversized shirt. What should you expect?

Need to talk about your oversized printed t shirts?

We’re all ears. And we believe in giving you options. Let’s talk about your oversize t shirt printing in a little more detail.

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