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CMYK Screen Printing

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CMYK screen printing?

First things first, congrats on being our printing protégé. We look forward to working with all our customers, but those who are confident enough to bring four colors together? Well, we really, really want to work with them. Here’s why (spoiler: 4 color screen printing is one of our specialties.)

4 Color Process Screen Printing

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What is 4 color process printing?

4 Color Process Printing is a technique that uses halftones of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (Key) (CMYK… see?).

This creates a full, photo-realistic color print with thousands of teeny, weeny dots, which look like solid color to the human eye. This is known as ‘halftoning’, and without it the color process would be reduced to solid blocks of color (e.g. fugly).

How is it used?

4 color process screen printing is mainly used to print photographic images, but can be used to print other types of designs as well.

Does it require a special set up?

Yes. Process designs require a different set up process than traditional spot color designs. As a result, there is a one time set up fee for 4 color process designs.

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4 Color Process Printing

CMYK screen printing has many talents, not least of which is its cost-effectiveness when
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